Saturday, December 29, 2007

On Charter in Greece

Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately. I have to log on now because Grandma is online! Welcome to the blogging generation Grandma. I promise some new pics of the Carribean soon. I just have to find my battery for my camera first and then I should be in business. I had a blast with everyone at Christmas. Here are some picture from this summer. Sorry about not explaining them too good, but I have to go catch this Russian guy a fish off the back of the boat.

Me in my Johnny Cash gear
There are not many shady trees on these islands


Rhodes is full of funny sunburned Britts

If your gay and want to have a good time, Mykonos is the island for you

Us and Polar Star

Doing some recon on the volcano in Santorini

Protector on Rhodes. Is there anybody in there?


Yep, just sandals. There are lots of them around.

My rock hard balls and I

The castle in Rhodes