Sunday, November 8, 2009

EL DF Dos..

Happy to be back in the land of Mexicans.


Brad, night vision.

Nice woool Brad.

University of Mexico City. This is a really cool and enormous mural of the history of Mexico.


This one was cool with the old photo.

Our hosts, Suri and Steph.

Mexico City's subway is way nice. Really!!

Greg, the artist.

I liked these indians' dancing feet for some reason.

The indian with the biggest feathers wins.

Karla and I's halloween costume for next year.

Getting blessed by a indian dude.

Actually, I wasn't too sure what he was doing. You only live once.

Yep, you only live once.

They love their luchedores in Mexico. This is the famous Santos.

Pan de Muertos

Brad was set on getting some Mexican boots.

Haha. This is what I would look like if I were a Mexican taxi driver.

Its a party!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mexico City:Day of the Dead:31/10/09 MEX IS RAD!!

6:30 pm:October 26- Brad. "hey keith. want to go to Mexico for day of the dead?"
Keith. "Sure. Sounds good. I love mexico. MEX IS RAD!!"
6:59 pm:October 26- Tickets booked.
Keith. "Lets go on a journey!"

Thats pretty much how it went down. More picks to come....