Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Peacock Bass

No, I am not in Amazonian South America. I'm in Miami and picked up this guy on Saturday morning. I caught him using a plastic bag as bait. I love urban fishing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back at Home. I missed it the moment I left.

Well here I am back in Miami and back on boats for a while. I have to work sometime. These photos are a collection of my time in Texas. These were some of the best months in a long time and I am going to miss this time dearly. I recommend anyone to take a year off from work at 25. This has been one of the best years of my life. Thanks to my family, friends, and Karla for making this time so special. I will be in Miami until December then I am heading down to el caribe for a few months. I hope everyone is doing just fine.

I am proud to say that I was Karla's #1 soccer fan.

Look at the long strides!!

Run, Kick, and Talk Trash!!

The first soccer game I went to, Karla got a soccer ball and a elbow in the face. Intense.

Lucy smelt Karla and I's cooking and decided to pay a visit.

Playing with the not so homeless kitty.

I guess the cat forgot to make a funny face.

Is it safe.

PDA at first Thursdays on congress.

Keith and Karla.

Cannon and Julie.

Karla almost got swept away this day when they opened the damn on the lower Colorado.

We picked some nice flowers that day.

Inpromptu forest romp.

Karla's Indian deer stalking skills.

Jumping the creek.

Town lake bass.

All bass caught from a canoe.

Lady Bird Lake Hawg.

Cannon with a bass caught under the I-35 bridge.

Are you feeling the love?

Rachel and Kyle.

Danny made the blog. Congrats Danny.

Watching the awesome dude on the harmonica.

I like this one.

Captainette Julie.

Haha. Having fun on a surfboard on a wave less lake.

Good form C-ball.


Karla didn't like my tips, she didn't need them either.

Cale, Lee, and Rebecca enjoying some burgers.

Katelyn and Karla. Sunglasses are fun!!

Mama Jud.

Not sure what going on here.

If you can't surf. Pretend like your surfing.

A true woman unhooks her own fish.

How to drop a kingfish.

Offshore on the Dargle.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Last of My Mex Pics sad. I need a new adventure. Soon. Enjoy these pics from yet another dreamy, beautiful point. We camped here on the beach. We brought no food, but luckily and huge school of anchovies took over the beach and I caught us a nice snapper. Good night and good surf and good fish too.

Basically all the spots entail 4x4 at some point.

A fisherman stopped by and this is his horse. The guy got a little too borrocho with us and we was passed out this us when I woke up the next morning.

Me riding the fisherman's horse.

The point after dark.

Is the swell going to arrive? Is the tide going to be right? Well we will see in the morning.

Ukelele fireside beach jam.

George tired from doing all the work that we didn't ask him to do.

El Lobo!!!

Dawn seascapes.

Sunrise in the middle of nowhere Mex.

Go down this trail and you will find the wave.