Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Mountain Post

Deciding to fly home halfway through my Indo trip was the best decision I had made in a while. Going up to the Spanish Pyrenees was the best decision I have made since then.

I don't consider myself a mountain man, but getting out of the city and into some fresh air was a no brainer. We did the trip last minute and in typical Keith fashion, absolutely no plan.

Enjoy the pictures and look out for another post from "the lake" soon.

exactly what we were trying to get away from.

we didn't have the gear, but be definitely had the stoke needed for the hike.

Bruno stoked on his slingshot he bought off a gypsy lady.

Apparently they call slingshots "shanghais" in kiwi talk.

There are no bears in the Pyrenees but safely never takes a vacation.

baguettes, cheese, peppered salami. survival kit complete.

Bruno gives his idea two thumbs up.

ahhhh. a serious lack of people.

Is that a billy goat or a Texan with a afro.

Jamie totting his guitar.

mountain trail walking. we ended up not sticking to many trails.

stunning view.


We stayed in a mountain refuge camp for the night with a bunch of crazy euro hikers that were not too fond of the loud youngsters.

Alphabet soup, chicken,s salad, bread, wine. Happy.

click, click. myself snapping shots.

We took out heavy wet weather gear from the boat.

shanghi can shooting contest.

We sat on this same wall until about 11 pm that night drinking wine, laughing, and telling stories. The lake was perfectly calm and the moon was out making for a very sureal night. I was one of those moments that will deffintly be stored in the memory bank.


Not sure what this berry was but i did enjoy multiple handfulls of wild blueberries that I found.