Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paragliding in the Alps

Here are a few lost pictures from the Alps that I found the other day. If you have never gone parasailing then GO!!! It has to be the closest thing the feeling like a bird. kah kah.

This pictures funny. Im tall!!!

My Sticks

I going to be heading back to Mexico soon. I can't stop thinking about being down on the pacific again. I haven't been doing much in the valley lately, so I figure I might as well go surfing. Here is a pick of my quiver as well as two new boards I bought this week. Look for more pics from Mexico soon. AHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

J/B Impulse Buy

I had a great time in Houston hanging out with my Kyle, Rachel, and my two nephews. We did a lot of mountain biking and urban fishing. We checked out the Houston boat show and I even got to hang out in a salon for over a hour. We did some back breaking work in the backyard. A special thanks to the Guatemalan we picked up on the side of the road. This picture was taken from the engineering marvel, known worldwide as the beautiful vessel J/B Impulse Buy. This was the first bass caught on J/B Impulse Buy as well as my first bass on a Coastal Bend Custom Rod. We fished three afternoons and caught over 50 lunckers. "LOOK AT THAT BEND IN THAT COASTAL BEND ROD!!" I'd say after each hook up. Check em out for yourself at Good luck in the marathon Rach.