Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vaya con Dios y Surf

Here is a little taste of what Ive been up to. Enjoy the photos. I have to go surf the incoming high tide. It should be fun. Take care.
Crusty Keith


Good Morning

Peelers in front of Piojos



Typical Ramada

T-shirt beer coozie, Can we market that?

Surf shack

Fishing at sunset in the lagoon

Funky Chacauhua

Fred from Sweden

Where everyday is a holiday

Gringo surf bums

Eric le repara tablas

Perro Zero (no ears)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Puro Mex

Mexico has been treating me just fine. I have set up camp on a little surf island in Oacaxa. It a beautiful spot with no cars, Afican Mexicans, and a 500 yrd. long right hand sand point. This pick was from about a month ago. I now have a pretty sweet little mustache. I hope everyone is doing great. Ill be heading back north by the end of April, then on to Italy via a boat ride across the Atlantic. take care