Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A beautiful day in Austin

Happy Holidays. It is so good to be in Texas. I am glad I finally got my priorities strait and decided to come home for a while. I have had a great two weeks since I have been back from Miami and I am really glad I am not in the Caribbean working right now. Sounds funny, but its true. I did some cold cold water Texas surfing, got to hang with my Presley, and now I am in Austin with Karla until Xmas. I hope the holidays are treating everyone just fine.

These photos were taken on Sunday at the gardens at Zilker Park. It was a beautiful winter day and I was trying out my new wide angle zoom lens. Karla and I had a blast walking and taking funny photos. Check em out!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Azores I

Here's the Azores....a little behind. This was last June on a crossing with the Kismet. We had bad weather, so we got to pull in here for a night. Got the boat cleaned up and we had an afternoon to terrorize the island on scooters. An absolutely amazing place with beautiful scenery. I'll let my pictures speak for the rest. I'm now back in TX for the holidays and will be heading back out to the open waters in January. Merry Christmas!

Making sure we are going to land on the right continent

The Port of Horta is very famous because of this wall. Sailors arrive here and paint their ship's name here. There is a lot of history in this port...it's the first port after crossing the Atlantic. Pics of us later painting our name.

A religious parade for something

Little Azorean girl

Old Azoreans

The Oompa Loompa Band

The Azores often see massive seas and these boats are designed to fish the waters.

Watch keeper Bill

Open ocean will put you to sleep

Will. Hungover.

Stu Poo

Blondie, post Mexico

Be sure to check out the Azores if you ever can....more pics of this place when I get some moti to do some more editing.