Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oaxaca City

After weeks of constant surf, my arms had had enough. For three days when the surf was small Judah, Ricard, and I shot up to Oaxaca City for a little civilization. I could of easily spent two weeks here. I have never been to a place with more photo opps. It is always so hard for me to leave the beach when I am in Mexico, however, each time I go inland I love it. Mex just has too
much to offer. I hope everyone has a good 4th of July. I still have lots of Mex pics to post followed by some Azores and then a little Austin lovin'.

This is a new favorite photo.

Someone has to do the dirty work.

Most males in Latin America live with their parents until the are like 30. Which means lots of PDA in the parks.

Oaxaca City has a history of supporting uprisings. I am not sure if these are bullet holes, but if this door could talk, I bet it would have some good stories.

There is a big art scene in Oaxaca. Here is a little graffiti that didn't make it to the gallery.

Walking to school.

Yes, the drug wars are real.

From the looks of this photo, this guy must of made it to heaven.

These churches were built sometime in the 1500s.

Street scene.

On the way to the market.

This guy had been sitting on the bench for a while.

Weaving threads.

Oaxaca is known as such a cultural epicenter because all the Indians that live in the surrounding mountains come in each day to sell their goods.

Hungry and desperate.

Shining shoes is a respected profession in Mexico.

Afternoon shade in the Zocalo.

Straitening out the curves.

Mexican electricians have to be pretty smart to be so stupid.

The surfers are here.

Judah and I in the Hilux

View from the roadside pee break.

This guy really wanted to race.

Yep... Not as good as it sounds.

Ahiiii!!!! Chupacabra!!!!! Oh, wait. Its just a turkey.

Oaxaca City turned me into a mole connoisseur.

When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do.

Mucho pulvo.


We passed this guy out cold, laying in 100 degree sun, and next to a empty bottle of mescal. Rough morning.

We decide to ask this dude for directions when our nice little paved road turned to dirt for about two hours.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6'6'' Sequence

Here is a quick sequence that Ricard shot of me starting to finally get used to my 6'6''. I had a blast at the wedding seeing everyone and dancing like a crazy man. Congrats Jason and Katie. I'm headed to Kansas in the morning to see Presley Ann!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't die Simba!!

Cats might have 9 lives, but Simba is never going to die. This amazing beach dog walked each day on the thin line of life and death, and is a living example of strength and longevity. Haha. Sibma is awesome. This dog has seen it all, done it all, and he was the king of the beach. He was the local dog where I was camping and local myth said he was a descendant of ancient Aztec blood. Not really, but Simba has survived a machete to the head and multiple poisoning attempts. He was so scarred up from fighting and his teeth were totally warn down. Several times I saw Simba laying in the sand and I had to go shake him because I thought he was dead. But Simba live on. Simba, the spirit of @#%^^%#@!!!!

When I arrived in @#$#@#! Simba looked like walking roadkill. He had lost all his hair and was coverd from head to toe with pulgas (flees). He had massive open wounds all over his head because he would never stop scatching himslf. He was litterally going insane from scatching soo much. Us boys went to the vet in puerto and bought all the dogs frontline and it really did the trick. Simba soon starting growing back his hair and his wounds started to heal. We cut his nails and got Simba looking good. We got him in good enough shape to pet the top of his head. He loved the attention.

I didn't even ask Simba to be in this photo. He just came and sat down.

Simba was always sleepy.