Friday, January 28, 2011

Bali II

Sorry there arn't more surf pics. its so hard getting them especially when my camera didn't fit in my motorbike. places we surfed included: Bingin, Uluwatu, Seaweed Patch, Nusa Dua, Mushrooms, Serangan, Hyatt Reef, Keramas, Cangu. Just the memories in my head of the good waves I had. Bali out. Hati Hati!!!

Asia will make you hate commercial fishing. I do.

Our scooters. notice the surf racks.

Indonesian 500!!! green!!! go!!!!

Todd at the warwung. mmmm. tasty nasi champur and nasi goreng.

These hindu offerings were everywhere.

This was a epic little place on Nusa Panida. I wanted to swim so bad.

Nusa Lombongan with a bali volcano in the background. There 10 volcanos on Bali.

bridge, Nusa Lombongan

I thought of a coffee table book if I ever go back to bali. It would simply be photos of the hilarious thing people put on the back of motorbikes.

Downstream of some waterfall.

The guys bought little guns that shoot rubber balls. We had wars on the boat for a few days. T Pain looking hard.

Christmas in the crew mess. Really really not a good Christmas.

Christmas day surf. The day got better.

barreled today in Palau and it feels so good.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Desert Point Almost

This has to go down as one of the saddest days in my surfing career. We had a really good chance to score desert point totally empty. Everything fell into place except the 20 knot cross shore wind. For those of you that don't know desert point is considered the best left hander in the world. If you don't believe me than you tube it. The wave is unreal and also really really fickle. We knew we where going to have to get lucky when we woke up at 4:15 am to get in the boat and head around the point. A 7ft @18 second swell was arriving mid morning and we only had until noon to surf. There where not many waves when we got there and we had to sit in the boat for the sun to come up. around 10 am the swell jacked up and the waves started to clean up for about thirty minutes. This was offseason and we had the whole place to ourselves at the very remote break. The wave just never cleaned up and kept shutting down. That afternoon we steamed back to bali on totally glassy seas. The place had to be firing that afternoon, but we missed it. I guess there are for sure worse things that happen to people. Redeem yourself surf god!!!

Camp at the point.

First wave, first wipeout.

The face of frustration.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

play afternoon in komodo

Komodo was one of the wildest places I have been in a while. I really like it. After being in bali and seeing how humans can really ruin a place, it was nice for this Texas boy to get back out into the country. Tristen, Todd and I went on 2 great dives this day, "sultan's rock" and the "Texas yellow flower" actually. We chilled, we dived, we had a really great time getting away from the boat.

awww... no motorbikes.

I'm not sure if you can bring dead coral into the states, but I wish i would have tried. This would look really good on the shelf.

beach but crack

lunch time after the first dive

Seriously, absolutely nobody. This bay was a great spot.

No i did not see a komodo dragon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach Soccer Domination

And by domination, I mean getting my butt handed to me by a bunch of 6 year olds. I'm not a soccer player. Im just not much of a team sport anything these days. Soccer, however is the best sport in the world because its the only sport that requires just one ball and 4 sticks in the sand. These kids and I had a blast playing on a black sand beach this day in northern bali.

I started off at goalie, where I didn't last long. After giving up three goal including one where I was humiliated (haha) by the dang kid in the red shirt, a some kind of modern indo pele, I was moved to defense. I am apparently not very good a defense either and they soon moved me to forward where i thought i had a few good passes. I even got a high five!!! In a last ditch effort to achieve indo beach soccer "decent" status, the boys gave me a free kick to possible some how redeem myself. Just the 3 ft 5 in. goalie stood between me and bali hindu soccer godliness. 40 ft. over the goal was the result. yep, my soccer skills wont be celebrated by religions anytime soon. By the end of the game all the kids where yelling my name. I had blast.

The peanut gallery. less than enthused.

The chubby guy seemed to be my friend. We were on the same skill level.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bali I

Indo fast food, actually they have kfc too.

Anna Bannana

The man, the myth, Rodriguez

Beautiful, but a tourist trap

Offering are everywhere in Bali. I mean everywhere.

First attempt at making putting big photos on the blog. I'm not sure why they arn't clear.

dirty feet