Monday, October 15, 2007


Barcelona is a beautiful city that is teaming with life. The people there are equally beautiful and unique as well. My week was highlighted by strolling down Las Ramblas and watching the street performers, eating tapas for every meal, and seeing the one of the best soccer players ever, Ronaldino, play for the Barcelona football club.

This is one of the best markets in all on Europe

Would you like a finger with that?

I almost got sick because I drank so much fresh fruit juice at the market

Catalona's famous Iberico ham

There are many beautiful building

Cruising through Barcelona's Gothic district

I think on of these would go over good in the valley

The boys at Nou Camp

Sagrada Familia

One of many Guidi masterpieces in Barcelona

Friday, October 5, 2007


We have been crossing the Atlantic now for the last 12 days. While we were cruising south of Madeira, I thought I would put up a few photos from last January. Madeira is totally cool. We had some engine problems and we were stopped there for a week. As for this crossing. It has been pretty lame. Not much excitement. The 2nd engineer had a really bad tooth ace for a while and we thought we were going to have to stop in the Canary islands. But it got better. Darn!! I can't wait to get to Florida. My folks and Aunt sherry are coming in on Nov. 2nd. I can wait.

Madeira's is famous for their wine

Every corner was a new dramatic scene

Madeira doesn't get much tourism because there are no beaches. This lady was wondering what we were doing in her town.

Gavin and I doing the "boulder dance"

I'm not sure how high these sea cliffs were. Try to find the car in the picture.

I was so happy when I heard we had engine problems

My First wave after 4 months in Germany

Gavin's first wave after 4 months in Germany


I love this pic. Thanks Stuart

looking up the coast from Jardim do Mar