Saturday, September 22, 2007


Athens is dirty, polluted, and crowded. There are lots of stray dogs, and it seams like you are in a third world country walking the streets. But like most places that are a little sketchy, Athens has plenty of charm, and it lets you see the true Greek culture and lives of its regular people.
I thought I would never see this place

Everything is Greek to me

Gareth-South Africa, Graham-England, and Damien-France

walking through the La Plaka market

The weird candy man

The only thing this place is missing is a rocking band

This was my best Greek god pose

Hippie purses

I bet this lady can cook a mean leg of lamb

The Parthenon is truly amazing

This is what Steve's uniform would look like if they let homosexuals in the Secret Service

The Acropolis dominates over the entire city

I felt really new standing next to something so old

The fellas enjoying the sites after work

I saw this sign after I rubbed my grubby fingers all over the marble. oops

I should know what this is, but I don't

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sardinia and Corsica

I managed to have a little fun even though we were either on guest trip or charter everytime we were on these island. We spent quite a bit of time here this year and I actually scored a lot of beach time taking on of our charter guest's little girl to the beach everyday. Here are some photos.

My crooked ears and I
Cala Luna

There were massive caves on the beach

Wouldn't this be the pefect place to have a bonfire with your friends

Porto Cervo. Life styles of the seriously rich and famous, and home of the 16 Euro can of coke

Bonafacio. One of the coolest places we went all summer. The town is perched on the white cliffs.

We were like celebrities walking around town in our uniforms. I think we were the biggest boat in this natural harbor.

old town Bonafacio

Sunset on the bow

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two Days on Ios

What a fantastic two days off. We got to Athens after sailing for 3 days from Monaco. After getting the boat cleaned up, Stu and I jumped right back on a overnight ferry to the island on Ios. Everyone thought we were nuts for going back out to sea. It all worked out. We had two amazing days getting sunburned and meeting girls. It was tough. They say that if you are over 30, you are too old to go to Ios. The place was full of young travelers.

Congrats Ross and Kim. I can't wait to see your beautiful new baby girl at Christmas. Love Yall

Greek Orthodox, quite different from the Church I grew up in

The sun setting on Ios

The white wash buildings really help keeping the town cool

Mylopotas Beach

The High Roller pimpen the v-neck

"My cousin give good price, very clean"


The Greeks sure know how to lay stucco

Little Restaurant in the shade of a huge bogonvilla

The ferry over might have been the funnest part of the entire trip

Stuart and I outnumbered at dinner

I was in serious need of some beach time after over 60 days without a day off

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Get to the chopper

Here are a few photos of the French Riviera. We were on guest trip and the boss had organized for everyone to go on a helicopter tour. Only half of the guest went, which meant we had a entire chopper to ourselves. Our pilot was really crazy and he thought it was hilarious to scare the poop out of us.

Cap Di

Cap Ferrat, very very rich people live here

Kate and Stuart

He said NO when I asked him if I could fly
Some of the few nice beaches around Monaco

Monte Carlo, "Home of the 12 Euro Beer"

Stu, Daniela, Paul, Kate and me with my hand on my hip

Loco dude

Saturday, September 1, 2007


The train to Rome was really romantic, kind of. I learned a important lesson in the 7 hours from Genoa to Rome, 2nd class trains are not the way to go. The beginning of my Roman weekend was spent basically spooning with a rather large 60 year old Italian woman in a tight train car. I was very happy when I finally arrived in Rome, and the best thing was, the weekend had hit its low point, and it got progressively better from there on. Rome is amazing, and I highly recommend the place. It is definitely the coolest city I have been to in Europe. I had a blast walking around and seeing sites all day. That night, since I was by myself, I went on a pub crawl. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It was actually a organized pub crawl that meets at the Spanish Steps at 9:00 pm. It had a blast hanging out with mostly American kids that were my age. Good times were had by all. anyway here are some pictures.

It took me forever to ask the perfect person to take this picture. She took a good one, and she was really cute too.

The Colosseum at the end of the street

This old guy insisted in being in the photo

The line to see the Sistine Chapel

The Vatican

Rome is the

St. Peter's

My favorite painting I saw. Go angels!!

Nice Stairs