Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hasta Luego...

I saw a $200 round trip ticket from Houston to Acapulco on travelzoo's top 20 yesterday. It was so tempting. I often catch myself day dreaming about this place. Wow....I wish I was paddling out right now.

David, you better wake up.

Adam and Kate. I like them.

Definition of a good afternoon.

Watching friends catch waves while we catch the breeze.

My rooftop happy place.

Rode hard and put away wet.

Mexican soul carve.

Ads digging the rail.

Racing a section.


The takeoff.


Dance session in the ring after the rodeo with the girls of Chaco Rhodundo.

David, the Frenchman, grooving.

Ricard, "yes it is a chair."


This kid is a rock star.

Turloch and I in Jose's lancha.

Yep, I liked this board.

Drunk Mexicans love photos.

Check out the screamer off the point. I think I got out of my hammock and went surfing after I saw that one come through.

Texas sucks.

Get out there Judah, its empty!

Dinner time.

Yutca is on Finland's National Spearfishing Team. He also like to feed small villages.

This photo might be worth something one day. Sebastian.

Jose. I hope your well my friend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ciudad de Oaxaca Utra Vez

As you will figure out, I am not still in Mexico. I am however totally backed up with photos that I really want to share with everyone. All the photos I took in Oaxaca City were over a two day span. Saying that, you can see just how photogenic this place is. I would go back tomorrow if I could, because in being there two days, I felt that I only scratched the surface. I have many more Mexico photos to come including the secret Mex right hand point breaks. I hope your not getting too sick of them. I am doing fantastic and I hope everyone that reads this is doing well and having a fantastic day.

Mexican version of the dollar store.


I like you shirt old mate. Guy sitting on a dolly.

Northeast corner of the zocolo.

The street in front of the market.

Ricard sidewalk strolling.

Supporting the local economy.

Like most places in Central America, there is a lot of PDA in the parks.

Killer style.

You can buy awesome leather goods for cheap.

William Dufoe's long lost Mexican cousin.

Show shining is a real occupation in Mex.

This guy might of been dreaming of some PDA.

Day of the Dead souvenirs.

Lime nieve.

The Tula Tree