Tuesday, August 21, 2007

French Scoot

The good thing about working on these boats is we usually don't travel to bad places. On this day, we were off work and exploring the french countryside outside of Monte Carlo. Scooters were our preferred means of transportation.

If his dog could talk, it would be in perfect French

I was practicing my french vocabulary

Scenes from the road

My scooter gang face

That day was the perfect temperature to open all the windows

French Pasties

Us posing at Villafranche Sur Mer

Japanese tourists at Villafranche Sur Mer


My scooter had the coolest graphics

St. Paul de Vence

The gothic town of Eze

Tourettes sur Loup

Mas Vistas

Holding up the walls

Friday, August 17, 2007


If there are waves, I will usually find them. There are two things that really bother me about what I am doing. Being away from my family and friends, and not being able to surf on a regular basis. I have got two surf this summer so far. Not bad for Italy. The first was a place called Verraze. It is a little reef break just west of Genova. I caught it really fun. This place is called Levanto. It has a few different spots with rights and lefts. Gavin and I dragged the girls with us on this Saturday and had a blast at the place. The water was warm and the surf was actually really fun. Head high with some bigger sets and actually really dredgy and hollow. I hit the bottom more than a few times this day. Gavin is from the gold coast of Australia. He is just as obsessed as I am when it comes to surfing. Whenever we actually get waves these days, we tend not to get out of the water. We surfed the entire day.

Gavin and I after the sesh

Random dude on a good one
Levanto A-frame

The lineup

The only way to get around Italy

That is the left that Gav and I traded waves on all afternoon

Boat, then walk, then train, then walk again, then finally surf

Katy and Celeste laying on pebbles

Fun closeouts

chow bella

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Monaco Grand Prix

At the end of May, we sailed over to Monte Carlo, for the Monaco Grand Prix. We had the owner on board along with some high profile guests. Even with them cramping our style, we managed to enjoy ourselves checking out the race. Formula 1 cars are pretty impressive, and ridiculously loud. We had the opportunity to watch the race from the designer of our boats' office. It was very cool for Espon Ono to let the crew come up to watch the race. We went in two shifts, so the entire crew got to see the action up close. His office was right on top of the first turn, and the cars were making around 175 mph when the went infront of us. The port of Monaco really packs in the boats for the weekend. The guys and I had fun doing tender runs all day as it was the only way to get across the port. It was a zoo with everyone trying to find a dock to drop off guests.

Don't forget your earplugs

The view from Espon's office

Go Luis Hamilton!!

Paul, Dan, and I directing traffic

Dan M and I in the pits

Packed in like sardines

Rich people and their toys

If you have a sweet car, you always get the front row infront of the casino

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Portofino is a little fishing village down the coast from Genova, Italy. The big stars have taken it over and it is a place "to be seen" these days. I have been there a few times this summer but only once for pleasure. We were anchored outside the harbor one afternoon, and "sexy man" himself Rod Stewart was getting married up on the hill and spending his wedding night on the next boat over. These photos were taken on a Saturday off. Stu and I were there to check out the scene. We had a blast drinking wine, eating pizza, and laughing at all the fat American tourists.

A sweet place to chill and have a gelato

Its a small place with lots of character

Classic Mediterranean boats

I spend every summer in my villa

Hangen in Santa Margarita

There are alot of fishermen in the med, but not many fish

Old dude in a boat

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here are the pictures mom!!!

After not going to Europe for 22 years, i have spent the last 9 out of 12 months sailing around the place. As for you that dont know, I have been doing some traveling with my job for the last year, and I am starting this site to share some of the amazing places I've been. I feel blessed being able to get paid to travel, and I have come to realize that there are deffinintly worse ways to make money. So this is a attempt only to do a blog, no promises.

I went to Chinque Terra soon after i met the boat in Genova, Italy after my brothers wedding in May. It most beautiful coastline with 5 little villages. You can hike to each one or take the train. I hiked, in my flip flops of course.

See that far villiage, my sandals never had a blowout.

village number 2, and my favorite

The jump off the cliff was nice after the long hike to #5

quaint little streets

I have one of these in my back bard back home, but it dosnt look like this.

The swimming hole