Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cerveza, Botas, Polvo, y Rodeo

One night Jose told us that there was going to be a big Rodeo in San Jose del Progreso which was the closest sort of town to @#@#$#!. Of course we were down to go. Rodeo, in Mexico, that is like the definition of a good time. So we each put on the only pair of blue jeans we had, and piled in my truck. Now there are a few things that make Mexican rodeos different from Texas rodeos. #1 the riders feet are tide underneath the bull to they don't really fall off but they do get hurt more. #2 The crowd is usually very drunk. #3 And the bull riders are usually even more drunk. This made for a entertaining night. We had such a blast listening to the band, looking at all the pretty girls, and hanging out with our good friend Burro Barracho.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Uncle Keith went to Mexico

Thats right Uncle. A very proud Uncle. Congrats to Scuba and Bebo for bring Presley Ann into this world. Its was about time. I am doing a anchor watch right now off the coast of southern Spain, but I can't wait to get to good ol middle America to see my niece. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone at Katie's wedding. Until then, enjoy the photos.

Thanks for these Yutka.
Panga fishing.

A little one.

Burro on a beautiful left.

The man from the Mangroves!!

Shwacking the lip.

Regalito and Negro. These dogs are hilarious.

Racing one

I can never get enough of taking pictures of cool Mexican dogs.

With or without boos.

These cookies are actually really gross. Go figure.

Looking for a section.

Sitting under the mango tree.

Squinty's barrel ride at the otro lado.

We called these dudes the mescaleros because all they did all day every day was get drunk on mescal. It was sad yet amusing each day as they studied the weather to find the perfect shady place with a good breeze to get off their heads. Oh the life of a retired fisherman.

This guy was only a mescalero for one day. And yes, he was drunk in this photo.

I forget the name of this parrot, but he was very chillen.

Pablo with a splif.

This guy was a crazy hard worker. We would lay around all afternoon and watch these guys work. Vacations are good.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I survived the piggy flu.

This trip is in the books. I had a great time in Oaxaca surfing like a crazy man. I'm still a little culture shocked since I got backed. I haven't found the need to watch TV and its kinda weird having to shower everyday. I met some awesome people and experienced true Mexican hospitality. Mexico has been getting a bad rap lately due to the drug war and the piggy flu, but it a place like no other and a place where I have made many a fond memory.

I was going for style points.

La Jaiba.

Che likes Mexico too.

A dirty ol' jack. We gave this fish to Rosario to make pescadias. It was a big mistake. They tasted very fishy.

The "Snoop Dog" of Chacauhua.

Rickard chillen.

Me pulling into a backside drainer. No, I didn't make it out, but who cares, its all about the tube ride.

Chorro with fishy hands.

This old man had to have some great fishing stories.

The evening walk down the jetty.

I'll take a Bohemia, please.

Burro and the lanchero navigating through the mangroves at high speed.


We ate like kings every night.

Afternoon siesta time.

Rodeo!!!! pics of the rodeo still to come.

That guy can't wait for some cabeza tacos. We passed.

Old Mexican.

Old Mexican in boat in mangroves.

The boat to Zapotalito