Friday, February 18, 2011

west pass, palau

valentines day with my first love. this day has to go down in the top five surfs ever for me. head and a half and just bruno and I in the water. This place is pretty unreal and there are very very few local surfers and even less traveling ones. The water and coral at the pass is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. we surfed for 7 hours strait. no joke. i got out of the water once for 10 minutes to reapply.

Maori Enforcer

Reni from Switzerland has been our local tour guide. he has been in palau for 6 months and he one cool cat.

These pics are from the 10 minutes I got out of the water so they dont really to the place justice. The waves were really really good.

This inside section was intense. 6 foot spitters breaking on waist deep reef. get caught inside and it flushed you way down channel. bruno got pretty cut up. he also got two barrels.

all by our lonesome.

What is actually looked like

Okay. not joking. i surfed the best i have ever surfed if my life this day. I was nailing everything. Here is turn #74 in the pocket.

I am still pinching myself.

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matt said...

Hey Keith

Looks like your blog has been down for a long time now...hoping you will get this message. I've lived in Micronesia for 15 years and been wanting to chase a swell to palau for quite some time but haven't pulled the trigger. When I was researching W Pass a few years go I stumbled upon your blog and you had a short video clip from the Feb 2011 swell (we scored that on my island as well). That was pretty much the only quality video I have been able to find of W Pass online and it looked like it was pumping. Seems you have taken that video down, but I was hoping to get in touch with you and see if there is any chance you would be willing to share the vid. Please let me know. Thanks