Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yeah !!! Finally some fishing photos. It about time. I should be posting a lot more soon.

These pics are from last weekend. My brother and I spent 3 days on falcon. It was my first time down there and I can't wait to go back and fish the jungle. It was my first taste of mexicana america in three months. Its a little scary, but Zapata, Texas made me feel at home. The fishing was a little slow and we got blown off the water by a cold front on saturday that sank three bass boats. yep sank!!! We will have to get this lake dialed. We are headed back there in April to fish a tourney.

On another note. I'm home!!! for good!! yep Im ready to unpack for a while and put down some roots. I have been interviewing all week in the Valley mainly around the Port of Brownsville. Everything has been surprisingly positive and I should be moving down to the island or Port Isabel soon. Im also hoping to catch up with friends and family that I have been neglecting for the last 5 years. haha. It feels great to be back in God's country.

Bass Fishing in South Texas

No work, feet up

This is the kind of mesquite we were pushing through, time to buff that gelcoat

Honey hole?

our biggest for the weekend was a 6.5lb. you never know what you are going to pull up at falcon

little tiger creek

Jungle fishing aftermath

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